Parks and Recreation: How To Make The Local Park Fun For Everyone In The Neighborhood

Local parks benefits cities in many ways. They promote public health, give the community a special yet convenient place to gather, provide families a safe space to spend the weekend, and help strengthen community ties. Because parks are important for a thriving community, it is a must to maintain them and keep them from closing […]

5 Easy To Build Businesses You Can Start By The Beach

Ever dream of living by the beach side? You know, not ever having to be obliged to go back to the city just because you have a job there, having the sight and sound of the ocean as a part of your daily routine, living the simple life outside the hustle and bustle of the […]

The Future Is Now: Innovations In The Hospitality Industry

Unless you have been hiding under a rock for the past decade, you would know that the world has changed rapidly over the years thanks to technological advancements. The way business was done years ago has evolved – and the hospitality industry is no exception. Several innovations are reshaping the way things are done for […]

Pool Exercise Activities: Why You Should Offer It And Why Your Guests Will Love It

Having a swimming pool is pretty much a requirement if you want to be among the most coveted lodging place for travelers. Swimming in pools is a relaxing activity and you can bet that people looking to chill are going to want to take a dip. A lot of hotels and resorts have made a […]

Want To Start Your Own Business? Here Are Reasons You Should Consider Franchising

Starting a business can be an intimidating task. There are lots of market research and other paperworks to do. There’s also a ton of expenses that goes with building your own venture. You would have to pay for business space, permits, equipment, and a lot more. But perhaps the most difficult part of putting up […]

How To Level Up Your Recreation Amenities

One of the most important things for hotels and resorts to have is offer recreation amenities or activities. If you want to be a top notch hotel or resort, you have to go beyond the clean beds, free breakfast, and basic toiletries. Most of the classy and popular sites offer the same amenities. They have […]

Tips on Starting and Running a Water Sports Business

Don’t you just wish you could always be near the beach? Well, why not start your own water sports business? Starting your own business will allow you to live where you want to live and have better control of your time. If you find yourself not wanting to leave the beach after your vacation, then […]

How To Go The Extra Mile For Your Guests

The hospitality industry has evolved a lot through the years. People look for hotels and resorts not just to sleep in during trips anymore. They now also value the experience the place can give them. Thanks to more affordable plane fares, the increase of detailed travel blogs, and social media, more and more people today […]

Increase Your Hotel’s Revenue – Top Tips on Marketing to Customers and Keeping Your Guests Happy

Increasing occupancy is undoubtedly one of the major ways a hotel increases its revenue. A hotel manager’s worst nightmare would probably be seeing every room in their place is unoccupied, won’t you agree? There are two ways to ensure your rooms are almost always booked – market properly to your target customers and keep your […]

Why the Hospitality Industry Should Seriously Consider Getting Into Strategic Partnerships

You know how they say that successful people often have a great support team behind them? Well, the same goes true for successful businesses. A business prospers because of a great team of employees, suppliers, and partners. Partnerships are important in any business, including the hospitality industry. But it’s surprising that not too many businesses […]