Perhaps you practiced SUP, you love it and you’re thinking, “You know what…I can be doing this the entire day.”

Imagine that your day starts by a nice walk to the beach. There you teach others how to properly stand on boards, balance and paddle. You meet different types of people, they are all on their vacations, so everybody wants to have a good time. It gets even better. You organize SUP tours, learn how to teach others SUP yoga, SUP fitness, and in a very short time, you, my friend, are living the dream.

Act now

Who would have thought that stand-up paddling could gain so much popularity in so little time? To all who have tried, this is no mystery. Fun, accessible, healthy, engaging and diverse, the world of SUP is truly an amazing place. More and more people around the world are becoming a part of different SUP tribes.

No matter if you’re thinking of starting something new, or you already have a steady business, using the fastest growing trend in the outdoors industry is a great idea. The only thing is…this trend is in the open so everyone can see it. You need to be quick, and that’s why you need to act now!

passioninto profit

Start building your dream with Stand-up Paddle boarding activities

Just how many people you know that want to change something in their lives but the answer is always somewhere out there. You, on other hand, have what it takes to get there. If you have a dream, a passion or a vision then let’s do something about it. We are here for two reasons: - First one is to share SUP and positive vibes that come from it. - Second, to help YOU share it. So, how to start? Luckily, SUP has grown into a diverse field of activities. Let’s see some of the options you have.

Run your own sup rental and sup activities business

Outdoor SUP activities can range from yoga in the open all the way to surfing on huge breaks. There are many choices and all are equally engaging. Here your options are truly diverse, but before anything, we want to share a little secret with you. The key to any SUP business is good connection with your audience. Have a good time with them, share some laughs and your business will flourish in no time. First, you need a good location. If there is no one around, then that’s not going to be good for your business. You need calm waters and enough interested people. You could start with a renting venture. Rent the boards and provide basic instructions. Go one step further and start including guided tours or SUP Yoga. So, what you need is a good location, quality equipment and appropriate SUP knowledge and you’re ready to go. We can provide you with all that you need.


We got your back! Starting your business can sometimes be a daunting task. If you never ran a business before you might not feel that you can make it. We are sure that you can and that you are capable. The only thing is, you need time to develop a solid business. The competition is not going to wait, and people constantly want more. To truly win and go beyond you would need to present something of great value, the whole package and a lot more. Luckily, we might have an answer. We call it the SUP Station and it will revolutionize the world of stand-up paddle boarding. This is our unique franchise opportunity that will let you become a SUP master at the hottest beaches all around the globe.

The SUP Station

Learn how easy it is to start your own business with automated SUP Rental Station

SUP Station is a fully automated, cool looking, beach style hut that holds up to 16 SUP boards. We will be installing these huts all around the world, wherever there is demand for positive vibes. You as the franchisee will be in charge of all the cool activities and equipment maintenance. You will learn everything you need, starting from SUP instructor classes all the way to how to run a business. We will also provide support and marketing. If you want to learn more and start your journey now, fill in this form.

Do you have a pool near you?

Many will find that they don’t have access to open and calm waters. Stand-up paddle boarding is associated with nature and being in the open. However, the big flat boards have also found their use in swimming pools. In this environment they are primarily used for SUP Yoga and SUP Fitness. When taken from ground and put on water, the usual training routines start to take an interesting turn. If you’re into yoga or exercising you wouldn't want to miss this fun twist. Above all it's a super effective and unique workout. If you’re a part of a gym, recreational center or a fitness club which has a pool you can introduce SUP Yoga or Fitness to your facility. There is always a demand for new and engaging activities so you will certainly see an increase in your memberships. We offer instructor training, and also provide all the necessary tools and equipment.



Find out to see if there are available classes near you. If not, invite us and we will organise an instructor training. Start today and very soon you will be able to hold you own SUP Yoga or Fitness.