Passion and Entrepreneurship: Businesses You Can Build if You Love the Water

Do you just wish you can always be near the water? Have you daydreamed countless times and wished you could quit your office work and move near the beach? You can wake up from your dreams and live the life you’ve always wanted! Entrepreneurship is the dream of a lot of people. Being your own […]

How To Jump From Employment To Entrepreneurship

Are you tired of your daily routine? Do you wish you can leave your 9-5 and make a living doing what you are passionate about? Don’t you just wish you can be your own boss? Earning from doing what you’re passionate about, having control of your own time, and being your own boss – that’s […]

How To Market Your Water Sports Business and Attract a Ton of New Customers

There’s nothing like the beach, won’t you agree? The smell of the salty sea, the heat of the sun and the tan lines that go with it, the happy people enjoying their vacation, and many more! The beach is a great place to start a business while living a life like every day is a […]

Why You Should Offer Stand Up Paddle Boarding Activities in Your Indoor Or Outdoor Pool

Stand up paddle boarding is among the fastest growing water sports in the world – we kid you not! It’s a great time to enter the world of this water recreation activity and offer your guests an amazing experience. But who says this sport can only be enjoyed outdoors? Certainly not us! Yes, you can offer stand […]

Top Water Recreation Activities You Should Offer in Your Beach Resort or Swimming Pool

In order to be a high-ranking hotel or resort, you need to offer your guests a lot more than just a spic and span room and clean sheets and towels everyday. You can offer even the most expensive toiletries but that still wouldn’t be enough to make your guests truly enjoy their stay with you. […]