Engageyour Customers

“Next generation travelers” are looking to be engaged with exciting and memorable moments.

Not only them, general populace as well. Walk down the beach, or the bank of your favourite summer lake, allow yourself to embrace the soft wind and the gentle sand. If it’s prime time, vacation time, you will see hundreds of people rushing to spend their free days the best they can. Many will lay down and relax, no rush, no hurry, nor stress. But give them a few days and you will see another expression on their faces. People don’t want to spend their time idle, they want to collect new experiences. People live to experience things, and if they can’t get it in one place, they will seek to find it in another.

Consider adding SUP Activities

There’s nothing better than a splash of cool water on a hot summer day. Water sports and activities are always fun and exciting, but there is a catch. No doubt that water skiing, jet skiing or surfing are great but they might not be suitable for everyone.

Stand-up paddle boarding is different. You can be a child or an elderly citizen and you would still manage it.

The best part – you can adjust how much excitement you want to have. Stroll gently with your family on calm water or take your adventures friends and explore the delta of a river. If you never heard about this amazing new sport, then see for yourself.



It’s the diversity that’s attractive. SUP is not only for everyone and easy, but you can choose many different activities. There are the classic outdoor tours and paddling, but you also have SUP yoga, polo, fitness, and many more. People even rent boards to go fishing. If there is no open water you can practice indoor activities. These are SUP yoga and fitness. Stand-up paddle boarding introduces all kinds of fun and engaging opportunities. Allow us to point out to some that we find most amazing.

A Global Trend

A GLOBAL TREND It’s undoubtedly evident – the rise in SUP popularity is well documented. Take a look at the outtake of the Google search trends below that illustrates our point.


Introduce SUP to your community

It's not a surprise at all that SUP is an activity that brings people together. It allows them to experience something new. There are also many health benefits associated with stand-up paddle boarding. Help your community experience it. If you are in charge of a decision that can bring SUP closer to your place, there might be a way to do it. Allow yourself and your organisation to experience it!


Add SUP activities to you resort, hotel or any other near water business

Resorts, Hotels, Bed and Breakfasts, Marinas, Yoga Studios, Surf Shops, Rehabilitation Clinics, Summer Camps, Fishing Charters and many other businesses have learned to value what SUP brings them. Certainly the most difficult question is not why because that’s not an issue, but rather how? How can you organize SUP activities at your community, resort or hotel and how can you provide engaging material? You would need to buy boards, or partner with somebody that has the boards and all the other equipment. You would need to hire people that will run the show, or train your own staff. Either way, you will need time and resources. There is, however an easier way.


What is a SUP Station?

A fully automated, cool looking, beach style hut that holds up to 16 SUP boards. It comes with electric lockers where people can leave their belongings. It may look like a regular renting operation, but it is so much more. Connected to an online booking system that the user can access either through our website or by downloading our SUP Station mobile app – the station is basically autonomous. At least when we’re not there. It’s not just a hold for equipment, we are there with it. Our professional staff and franchise partners will be there, at prime time, to take anybody interested on unforgivable tours. We will help people learn the basics of SUP, organize amazing SUP activities – SUP Yoga, SUP Polo, and always be there to promote good vibes. The app, already mentioned, will introduce increased amount of ease and convenience for the user. Anybody travelling through your region will see the location of the Station, your location. You just need to place a deposit in the value of the Station and its equipment. The amount that you places will be returned in monthly iterations. This is an investment you shouldn’t disregard so easily. In the end the Station will work as a hub that will gather visitors. It has a potential to become a real trend. Fill in this short form to learn more about this opportunity.