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Suppama® Yoga Instructor Training Holmestrand, Norway


Suppama® Yoga Instructor training is a 1-day fitness yoga course which You need to go through in order to successfully start Suppama® Yoga classes in your local pool. Suppama also offers the equipment necessary for the trainings. Get an offer today!

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Over long yet very fun training day You will learn how to deliver fun in your future Suppama® Yoga classes and how to take the maximum out of supercool floating fitness yoga training concept we have created. You will get to know Suppama Fitmats and how to use them, how to fix them on the water and organise the regular trainings most efficiently.

Anyone 18 years or older may attend a Suppama® Instructor Training. Yoga certificate is a prerequisite for taking the Suppama® Yoga Aqua Instructor Training. It helps if you have previous experience in teaching group exercise classes. Not to worry; many of our well-known and successful Suppama Instructors were former students who did not have any teaching experience. While it may take them longer to practice and get started, many of them have been equally as successful.

Suppama® Yoga (45 min) – In this concept we have created a synergy between Suppama Fitmats and YOGAFUNC, which is a popular fitness yoga class with music, based on the traditional techniques (asana, breath, vinyasa) from Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. It is not a traditional yoga class but a fun and effective training method suitable for everyone who want to get a taste of yoga, without diving deep into a traditional yoga system. The benefits for participants training regularly include: gained strength, improved flexibility, better balance and body awareness, and peace of mind. In addition, one of our values is joy. “If it isn’t fun, you are doing something wrong.”

The YOGAFUNC training concept is created by Jocke Salokorpi, a dedicated student of ashtanga yoga and an experienced trainer, educator and innovator in the group exercise field, with careers in SATS fitness chain (trainer, educator, concept class creator, manager) and Les Mills Nordic (trainer and educator). Jocke is the owner and the head teacher of the Ashtanga Yoga School of Tallinn.


Holmestrand, Norway


Normal gym / workout clothing / Please bring some sets of dry clothing with you

Training time

Sunday 29th of April 08:00AM – 7:00PM




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