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Suppama is taking traditional workouts from GYM floor to the water! How cool is that?!

By taking a form of training to the floating excercise platform where balance has to be kept and you kind of know that getting wet is in your own hands, we are opening up a new dimension – pure fun and excitement! Only positive emotions! But be careful because effective workout combined with the pleasure of the game can be addictive :) Our on-water fitness classes are new, fun and trendy workout programmes which involve reasonably high but exciting likelihood of getting wet. All of our dynamic classes are meant for both indoor and outdoor pools, SPAs, activity centres, schools, gyms etc. Together with instructor training for our on-water fitness classes we also deliver the necessary top-notch equipment.

Suppama on-water fitness classes are available with instructor training:



Crazy fun HIIT workout on Suppama Fitmats



Aquatic version of popular YOGAFUNC fitness yoga class with music, based on the traditional techniques (asana, breath, vinyasa) from Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.

Catch the new wave by starting unique Suppama Fitmat trainings – Put your person in media spotlight as an ambassador of a new cool training method and make your club stand out from competition! Offer your customers an attractive and innovative way to work out! Turn pool trainings into rising trend again!

Suppama on-water fitness classes:

– Help to build a rock-solid core
– Increase balance, strength and flexibility
– Suitable and easy to start classes for any age any fitness level
– Improve cardiovascular endurance
– FUN full body workout

Instructor training is available in:

FITMAT – our amazing floating excercise mat

Suppama Fitmat used in the pool fitness classes is inflatable which most of the people find very hard to believe! It is very compact deflated but incredibly rigid and stable in inflated state to allow up to 120kg muscles work out on it. Suppama FITMAT is designed to be used in pools where it fits between standard swimming pool lanes and is easy to fix to the lane ropes.
Suppama FITMAT

Suppama Fitmats are manufactured using the same unique technology that is used in gymnastic mats and high end stand up paddle boards.

The beautiful soft crocodile skin textured EVA foam on the deck makes it the friendliest inflatable Fitmat available for your skin!


Multiple D-rings on boards and ready-made 25m fixing lines offer various options for fixing mats on the pool. Multiple handles offer various options for extended training using elastic fitness bungees.

Floating Exercise Matsuppama-yogafunc-aquaimg_9320suppama-fitmat-training

Inflatable Fitmat for group workouts on pools


Suppama FITMAT is designed for fitness on the water. From intensive workout to yoga, all exercises are performed on the water with a floating fitness platform. It is the perfect solution for pools for indoor season because of it’s incredible stability and durability. A great solution for fitness anywhere there is water!

The board comes packed and rolled up in a small roll, inflates in minutes using the electric or manual PUMP and is extremely durable – built to last for years. Suppama FITMATS are built using the same technology Olympic Gymnasts train on. The FITMAT’s  square outline provides a smaller, more stable, lighter base and at a lower cost than traditional SUP boards.  FITMATs can be easily stacked as there are no fins or rolled up and packed away.

Suppama FITMATs are:

  • Easy to carry (10kg)
  • 7.11′ x 35″ x 6″ (215cm x 90cm x 15cm)
  • Made of light and stiff technology material that is also used in premium stand up paddle boards in 2017 – MFT – MONOCOQUE FUSION TECHNOLOGY – new technical process laminating 1.0mm pvc machine made to the adhesive layer. stiffness is comparable to premium double layer constructions. comparable weight is about 15% less. Some manufacturers call it MSL Fusion technology
  • Built using user friendly materials (soft and water wicking deck material with beautiful crocodile skin texture carving)
  • Have netting for storage & built in anchoring system for fixing the matts for training
  • meant to use for group classes or one-to-one training
  • Have 2 years warranty in private use!


Fitness on the water:

  • Is effective and challenging
  • helps to build a rock-solid core
  • Increases balance, strength and flexibility
  • Is suitable for everybody : any age, any fitness level
  • Improves cardiovascular endurance
  • Is fun full body workout

As well as we provide yoga and fitness instructor training together with our SUP boards we do with our Suppama FITMATS. It is easy for you to add Suppama fitness and yoga classes to your GYM, SPA resort, pool, and school. You name it! 🙂


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