2022 MOAI kids inflatable SUP

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Who is it for?

The MOAI Kids Board 8’2 is the perfect SUP board for the young rider, we wanted to create something especially for children. The board has a totally different design than the regular MOAI Boards, so it’s a real eye catcher! This model is ideal for the enthusiastic young adult who wants to create new adventures on the water. Ideal riders weight 45kg, max weight 60kg


The MOAI Kids board 8’2 is very stable and easy to turn in the water because of its shape. Light in weight and therefore very portable for kids. It will be easy to carry to any location. It’s made of high-quality materials. As always, we thought about everything and everyone. At MOAI, we create for people, which is why we value quality so much, and we perform a lot of tests before releasing any product, so that our customers are always satisfied.  

Single Layer Dropstitch Technology

When we were creating Kids Board, we wanted it to be very light, which means easy to carry for children. Boards made in this technology guarantee great stiffness and maintain the original shape in all conditions. Dropstitch fabric on its own isn’t very rigid, so then a liquid PVC layer covers the dropstsitch which, once dry, creates an airtight seal. This is the single skin.

What's in the package?

Every MOAI board comes as a package (as you can see on the pictures), so you don’t have to worry about anything.

  • Adjustable paddle – Each package will be provided with a high-quality and adjustable fiberglass MOAI paddle.
  • Double action pump – Also included is a double action pump, which will cut the time to inflate your board by half. This gives you more time on the water!
  • Trolley backpack – We understand that convenience and portability are important aspects wherever you go for a paddle. That’s why our boards are inflatable. Our package is completed with a backpack which makes it easy to safely store and travel with your board.
  • Safety leash – Each board comes with a 10′ safety leash (coiled cord).
  • Repair kit – The package also contains a kit for small repairs to the board.