SUP Tour to Rummu

Monthly payment from 6.80 / 6 months

40.00 3 hours

This Summer Paddle Up towards Rummu’s quarry !

We are waiting for all the people who are looking for some exciting and adventurous challenges in their lives with the SUP trip of Rummu quarry! The SUP-hike is an ideal opportunity to visit this mystical unexplored beauty as we enter the territory directly after the water, crossing the lake, seeing the sunken buildings and the dense forest that is still rising from the bottom of the lake to the water surface. Entering the territory, we step down from the SUP boards for a while and take a walk to the top of the famous “ash hill” to enjoy the magnificent view of the Rummu prison complex, our own “light blue lagoon” and the beautiful surrounding nature – it’s really a sight to behold!

A self-service SUP rental machine is now available by the Rummu quarry, where you can rent a SUP board at a suitable time. Find out more at https://app.suppama.com/

The price includes: a guide, basic training, a SUP Board, a paddle, a vest and an entrance to the territory of Rummu “tuhamäe” quarry.