SUP tours on magical Ahja river

Monthly payment from 6,80 / 6 months

40,00 3 hours

What could be a better activity than a relaxing and fun SUP hike in the fresh air on the Ahja River decorated with sand outcrops. The right answer is that you probably can’t – come and see for yourself!

Come enjoy the tranquility and enchanting views!

A self-service SUP rental machine is now available by the Ahja River, where you can rent a SUP board at a suitable time. Find out more at https://app.suppama.com/ 


Event info:

The SUP hike runs 8 km along the river, where we enjoy nature, enchanting views, swim and talk. In short, if you want to take time off, forget all the daily responsibilities and other noise around you, then the Ahja River is just the right place to set your destination!

Small waterfalls and waterfalls that everyone can afford offer great experiences. It is possible to have a picnic in the middle or at the end of the hike. Depending on the group, the duration of the trip will be 3 hours.

We carry out basic SUP training on the site itself, so the SUP trip becomes suitable for the beginners as well. This is a fierce summer adventure to be a part of!

NB! Gathering takes place 15 minutes before the tour’s start time!

Starting point: depending on the water level, we reserve the right to change the starting point of the hike. Exact information about the starting point will be sent to all participants by e-mail 48 hours before the start of the hike.

We request you to bring your own snacks & refreshment drinks in case you would like to relax a bit in the middle of the trip.

You can buy a ticket from our online store by selecting the appropriate date and time, and checkout via bank links.

Clothing: Wear weather-appropriate sportswear. You can also bring a pair of clothes, if there is an intentional / unintentional desire to swim in the water during the trip.

The trip will be organised with minimum of 8 registrations! If the trip does not take place, we will refund the participation fee or plan the trip for a new day.

If the time or date does not seem suitable to you, but you have at least a group of 10 people, write to us and we will arrange a trip at a time that suits you.

If you want to gift this hike to your partner, then our gift card is a good fit:

Suppama Gift Card

Be sure to ask us Ahja SUP also hiked as a private event for your company, team or family at the time you want and we will do our best to make you happy with a nice trip. SUP trips are well suited for celebrating a birthday, bachelor party, girl’s night, company summer day, etc.


If you have any questions, feel free to write us on: info@suppama.com or call: 58580905


* In emergency conditions, we also pay significant attention to the safety of our passengers. Therefore, we call on all participants in the hikes to exercise reasonable care and avoid close contact to ensure their own safety and the safety of others. Instead of using rental ties, we recommend simply dressing in comfortable, weather-appropriate sportswear. If you wish, ask our tour guide for disinfectants. We do not offer or require gloves or masks. Let’s go to the summer enthusiastically and full of sporty spirit!