Paddle boarding burns 5 – 10 times the amount of calories versus biking, which is one of the many reasons paddle boarding has become the fastest growing sport in the world.

Our goal is to provide beginners or experienced individuals both outdoors (on a SUP board) and indoors (on a FITMT) with a program that helps promote a healthy lifestyle by improving your technique in a way that leads you to achieving your goals.

Your core muscles will engage like never before as you develop total body control, stability, balance, and performance on the water. You will explore your body while exploring nature to discover a completely different type of workout. Our instructor will show you the correct exercises and form to enjoy a dynamic and versatile workout while increasing core strength, giving you greater flexibility, mobility and stability around the hips, midsection and shoulders. Our SUPPAMA FITMAT class starts with a warm-up and upper body strengthening moves followed by a combination of burpees, lunges, squats, aqua-climbers, v-sits and exercises done on the board meant to target each muscle group including legs, back, abs/core, etc. We will get your heart rate up so that you burn the maximum amount of calories possible. There will be different levels of difficulty within the class and each week the participants will be guaranteed to notice your improvements.


Paddle Board YOGA is AWESOME. Whether you are a Beginner or Advanced we adapt classes to meet your skill level. Yoga on a Paddle Board is just like regular yoga, except sometimes, you might get wet! You don’t have to know how to use a paddle board or do yoga to get started in this new and FUN EXERCISE! For yoga beginners, its a fun and exciting way to experience a yoga practice that’s not too serious and is full of laughs. For experienced yoga practitioners, its a great way to test the stability and strength of their asana.

We know that exercise on the water is just plain better and even though you are burning calories it just doesn’t feel like your working out because it is so much fun.

The setting is amazing, being outdoors feels exhilarating, feeling the wind in your face is refreshing, and seeing the water below you is euphoric. The moving ripples add a unique challenge when it comes to your balance, so you end up using your core and leg muscles (proprioceptive) much more than you would in a regular yoga class. For fitness enthusiast this form of Yoga forces you to use some muscles that are often neglected and is a great way to work your core improve balance, and maintain positive spirituality.

Paddle Board Yoga is a unique experience and the perfect way to enjoy our scenic peaceful waterways.

Our Yoga Instructors are highly skilled. Suppama is proud to Partner with YOGAFUNC with Leaders who will share their practice and teachings with you in a way that is creative, nurturing, and challenging. All levels are welcome and no paddle board experience is required.