Why SUP?

One of the reasons we started this great project is because it brings people together.

You can rent boards with a group of friends or take a guided tour and explore nature. SUP often takes place on calm waters and it's easy to learn. You can take the same tour with your family or have fun paddling around. It's safe and everyone is equipped with a life jacket. No special knowledge or training is required.

Easy to start

Unlike its close cousin, surfing, you don’t need to catch the waves. In SUP you only need three things - a decent board, a trusty paddle and enough water. As you might guess the trick is to stand on the board and gently push yourself against the water. This might seem easy, and in fact, it truly is!

SUP gained popularity because of its fun and relaxing nature, accessible to everyone

People who never tried it are always amazed how fun and accessible it is. Of course it’s not without its challenges. Your first triumph will arrive when you stand up on the board for the first time. You will be tall and strong like a mountain, gently gliding over the soft water surface. Next, you will master the balance. As this is a water sport you will hit the water sooner or later. This happens to everyone and it’s never a big deal. If anything, it’s usually funny. You wear a leash so there is no risk that your board will drift away.

Walkingon Water

It’s relaxing, and yet, an effective workout

Athletes praise SUP for its effectiveness as a workout, while it's also a fun and relaxing activity. That makes it one of the best workouts you can choose. Regardless of your body shapes, sizes and age you can start with stand-up paddle boarding today. It provides a total body workout, especially targeting your core muscles. It's a low-impact type of exercise. It develops your balance, strength, and endurance. This is achieved even if you are only balancing on your board.

Begin with outdoor activities

Most of SUP activities take place under the bright yellow sun. It’s always a refreshment when you go out and embrace the fresh air. You can paddle on any calm water. You can take guided tours, practice yoga or invite your friends for a SUP Polo match.

SUP polo

Do you want something new, fun and unpredictable? Stand Up Paddle Polo, or SUP Polo for short combines water polo, lacrosse, and stand up paddling. A combination that creates a game that is fast paced and incredibly fun! The rules are simple: Two groups of three play against each other on inflatable boards in a 25x20 meter inflatable field. Each team tries to get the ball in the other team’s goal. But, you must be standing and use your paddle to shoot the ball and score points. Each half lasts 10 minutes. Sound short? Just wait until you try it out. Then you’ll see how this intensely exciting game can give you one hell of a workout in a short amount of time. SUP Polo isn’t just fun to play, it’s also fun to watch!

SUP Yoga

If you’re a fan of yoga, then you will certainly find SUP Yoga an irresistible activity. Why do people like to sit near large bodies of water? No doubt, it’s because of the calmness, and silent energy that lies beneath. When you practice yoga on water you are letting that energy come into you. Feel the balance like never before while you practice your favorite Asanas. The therapeutic presence of calm water effectively relives the body and mind of stress. You can practice SUP Yoga outdoors as well as indoors. In both cases, there is no need for prior yoga experience, nor for prior SUP knowledge. If you want, you can start immediately.

Mega team sup

Invite your friends, family or coworkers on an adventure. You and one giant board. Just imagine an hour spent together on that humongous flat floating thing. Take command of your ship and paddle together. Great for team-buildings, exploration and hanging out. Mega SUP boards are stable, very easy to use, and can take up to 8 paddlers.


Always popular, no matter if you are a seasoned veteran of the sport or somebody trying SUP for the first time. Paddle together in a group and follow your guide as you explore the local region. Rivers will be your roads as you experience an adventure. Take a tour with your friends or family and see the wonders that nature gave us. A lonely island close to the shore or a majestic green mountain lake. Tours are also a great opportunity to test your stamina. An excellent outdoor exercise that will leave you with warm memories.


Since we like to move our bodies around we came up with unique total body SUP fitness programs. We took your standard gym workout and placed it on water. Now you don't only need to try to endure the entire session, you have to focus not to slip from your board. It's actually a fun way to workout, suitable for everyone. We've created two unique and different workout programs, one based on fitness, and one on yoga.

Fun full body workout

Suppama HIIT

We have combined the body balancing on the floating fitness mat with an intensive full body workout. The outcome is a very effective and fun cross-training SUPPAMA® HIIT (45min). This class is suitable for everyone and yet challenging for the biggest workout fans. It combines aerobic and anaerobic exercises, adapted for on-water scenario. This intense full body workout will improve your muscular strength and endurance. Legs, buttocks, abs, back, arms, chest and shoulders are well covered by this concept. It will develop your coordination and balance. By performing the exercises on an inflatable fitness platforms you will improve your body balance big-time! To follow the workout we have prepared music tracks.

Fitness yoga training

Suppama Yoga

Suppama® Yoga (45 min) – It is not a traditional yoga class but a fun and effective training method suitable for everyone who wants to get a taste of yoga, without diving too deep into the traditional yoga system. Participate regularly and you will see the following benefits: gained strength, improved flexibility, better balance and body awareness, and peace of mind. One of our motto’s is: “If it isn’t fun, you are doing something wrong.”

We are Plannin something big!

We will be installing SUP Stations all around the world - a fully automated, cool looking, beach style huts that can hold up to 16 SUP boards. You will be able to find the location via our mobile application or online booking platform. Imagine driving down the beach and you decide you’re in the mood for some SUP. Take the app, find the location near you and you’re half way there. Book you board in advance! With the app in hands you can access your board at any moment. These stations will be available 24/7 so you don’t have to worry about time. Each station will come equipped with electronic lockers where you can leave your belongings. All the necessary equipment will be waiting for you there. These stations will be installed at locations that have surveillance and protection so all your belongings will stay safe. If you happen to come across a prime time during the day, you will most likely meet our staff that will make their mission to take you on unforgettable tours!