About us


We offer top quality products at the competitive price level with instructor training and necessary sales/marketing tools to start your very own business. You do not have to start making the mistakes from the scratch because we have the experience and we are happy to share it with you. Through enterprising people who have been looking for the chance to start something cool our mission is to spread these latest and coolest activities to every single person who has ever and will ever thought about giving stand up paddling a try. With a belief in your capabilities and with the support provided by Suppama, launching or expanding a SUP business is easier and safer than ever before.

We look forward to hearing about your vision, your questions and your thoughts about how Suppama could be beneficial for you in starting or expanding your SUP business. Also feel free to share our site with your friends.

Our hard-working team


Jocke is a creator of Suppama yoga and fitness training concepts. He is also the founder of Ashtanga Yoga Tallinn and the creator of an international fitness yoga concept YOGAFUNC.

Jocke Salokorpi

Managing Partner

After working for one of the top water sports equipment manufacturers in Europe I decided to run my own company. I have visited many rental places, clubs, activity centres and retailers all over Europe over the last 4 years and many of you have met me already at the bigger outdoor and water sports shows.

Janek Tigane


Always shiny Jaanika is our SUP Polo / SUP Yoga instructor who will run workshops at your events and coach your local instructor as well

Jaanika Kütt

SUP Polo / SUP Yoga instructor