About us

We live for our passion

Suppama began as a hobby but soon grew into a global project. We are providing knowledge and equipment for all who want to share SUP with the world

Suppama is there to help you learn all about stand-up paddle boarding. We promote exciting and fun activities, but also offer training, certification, equipment and business consultation. With our guidance you can start your own SUP business today. Start fresh, integrate into your existing business or join our franchise. Our mission is to see SUP spread to every corner of the Earth and to help everybody who shares the same passion.



In Estonian language, Suppama means Stand-up paddle boarding. That’s the place where our dream was born. It all began quite spontaneously. What joined us was our passion towards it. We were all different, and everybody had their favorite SUP activity. We decided to introduce these fun activities to everyone we know. With the flow of time we gained valuable insight, gained experience and understood how the world of SUP functions. Currently we are organizing SUP events and activities throughout the entire Scandinavian and Baltic regions.


What began as fun and excitement soon turned into something more serious. We matured, and with maturation came an understanding. It’s not only our right to experience these magical moments, it’s our obligation to share them. It became our mission. To share the amazing world of SUP, with everyone who feels like trying it. Since there is so little that we can do alone, we decided to help others in their own attempts. To do so, we are organizing instructor training courses, providing equipment and offering business solutions. We have even developed our franchise business model. With our experience and insight you only need to have enough passion, and you too will achieve your goal.



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