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How to rent SUP?

Step 1

Book your rental session.

Visit our web app and follow simple steps to book your SUP session at your desirable time, whether just for you or with friends and family.

Step 2

Check out your SUP gear.

Effortlessly check out SUP equipment at our contact-free station with the provided booking PIN or simply through our app.

Step 3

Have fun and enjoy SUP!

Have fun gliding on the water with your friends and family with our up-to-date, high-quality gear.

Step 4

Easy return once you’re done.

Once you finish, just return the equipment simply by scanning our paddle blade or following simple steps in our web app.

Our SUP Station


Our SUP station requires no staff intervention, making it a cost-effective solution for businesses.


Our renewable energy source helps reduce operating costs while demonstrating a commitment to sustainability.


Our Suppama app allows for seamless management of bookings, payments, and equipment rentals.

Premium Equipment

We offer high-quality SUP boards, paddles, and gear with flexible opening hours, remote management, and 4G connectivity.