Balance your life

From indoor to outdoor activities, it’s hard to choose. Paddle all the way where your heart tells you. Join the fastest growing outdoor community and experience the amazing feeling of gliding on water.

Balance your life

From indoor to outdoor activities, it’s hard to choose. Paddle all the way where your heart tells you. Join the fastest growing outdoor community and experience the amazing feeling of gliding on water.


Our Instructor Program

Welcome to the Suppama Instructor Training Program, where you can turn your love for stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) into a fulfilling career. Our program offers a unique blend of fitness and fun on the water, providing you with the expertise to teach the basics of SUP, organize classes and small tours, and share your knowledge of maintaining balance on the board. With no prerequisites required, anyone 18 years or older can attend our instructor training. Upon completion, you will receive a Suppama license to teach and marketing support to help you organize your first class. Join us and discover the joys of sharing your passion for SUP with others.

Why becoming an SUPPAMA instructor ?

Supercool Concepts

Take your stand-up paddleboarding skills to the next level with Suppama’s supercool concepts. You can begin with standard SUP lessons or dive straight into exciting SUP Fitness or SUP Yoga. With Suppama HIIT and Suppama Yoga, you'll learn unique and fun techniques that will keep your clients engaged.

Marketing Support

We're committed to helping you succeed as a Suppama instructor. We provide marketing support to help you organize your first class and promote your business, including website and business know-how. Let us help you reach your target audience and build your brand.

Licence to Teach

As a Suppama instructor, you'll earn certification to teach others the basics, organize events, and teach exciting activities. With our expert training, you'll turn your passion into a fulfilling career. Be a proud owner of the Suppama® license to teach and share your love for stand-up paddleboarding.

Quality Equipment

Suppama offers only the best equipment for the ultimate experience. Our unique Suppama inflatable Fitmat is the perfect floating fitness platform for your on-water workouts. It's durable, lightweight, and easy to use for all levels. Give your clients the best experience with our top-of-the-line equipment. Try our Suppama inflatable Fitmat now!

How to join?

Step 1

Sign up for our training program.

Becoming a stand-up paddle board instructor with Suppama is easy – simply fill up our instructor sign-up form to get admitted to our training program.

Step 2

Attend our exciting training.

Work with our team to build the best-customized plan for your goal.Suppama’s training program equips you with the tools to become a skilled SUP instructor and teach confidently on the water.

Step 3

Start teaching

After completing Suppama’s training program, start teaching SUP and share the joy of this exciting sport with others. Get started today!

Step 4

Build a sustainable career

Suppama provides instructors the tools to become successful and profitable, including marketing resources and ongoing support for continued growth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions. If you didn't find a suitable answer, please contact us.

Are kids allowed on SUP?

Absolutely! Kids can paddle alongside a parent or guardian — or they can ride on a parent or guardian’s board. If you’re planning on paddling with kids, it’s best to make sure that there aren’t any high winds on the day of your rental.

Can I rent more than one board?

With one reservation, you can book a maximum of 5 paddleboards. When you're renting more than one board, you need to enter the details of all participants.

Can I rent when a board if I’m newbie?

Sure! If you feel brave and adventurous, then yes! We have made it easy with stable paddleboards and footprints on the board, showing you the right location to be either on your knees or standing. However, if it's your first time paddleboarding, we suggest joining one of our guided tours. Our experienced instructors lead the tours and give basic training and instructions at the start of each tour.

How can I access equipments?

  1. USE OUR WEB APPLICATION Go to to rent
  2. LOGIN / SIGN-UP Register or login if you are an existing user. Alternatively you can skip the login and search for the nearby sup station. Make sure you turn on the geo-location feature on your phone to locate the nearest sup station and events.
  3. RENT A SUP Choose the SUP quantity and desired rental session length and proceed to payment options. You can anytime change or add payment methods by simply going to your profile. After completing the transaction process, you will be notified about the confirmation via SMS along with the locker details and access pin.
  4. GET YOUR SUP Open the locker door through the app or by entering the PIN code received via SMS on the machine's screen. Then, take the equipment from the locker and leave personal belongings inside. After taking the equipment out, please close the locker and enjoy your session.