Suppama Project

Project brief: Suppama is establishing Estonia’s first network of self-service SUP rental stations, diversifying the country’s tourism scene and offering a new value proposition to foreign visitors.
Goal: The aim of this product development project is to create Estonia’s first network of self-service SUP rental stations. As a result of the project, self-service SUP rental stations will be installed near various beautiful water bodies in Estonia, providing an excellent customer experience and allowing users to rent SUP boards conveniently using their smartphones. By the end of the project (by 2023), 5 16-seat self-service SUP rental stations will be installed and operational in locations like Ahja River, Rummu Quarry, and other sites described in the project plan.
The product development project will result in a new value proposition for our customers:
  • Customers can easily explore nearby water bodies without the need to own, store, transport, or maintain their own equipment.
  • They can access high-quality and safe equipment simply by using their smartphones, avoiding waiting in lines, interacting with service staff, handling cash, or dealing with paperwork. Casual visitors can use our rental equipment without prior planning (no need to download an app, as Suppama also offers a web app). Customers who prefer to plan their activities in advance can use the Suppama website or app to find the most preferred location, make a reservation and payment, get directions to their destination, and access the equipment. After their SUP experience, customers can easily return the equipment contactless.
  • This is a COVID-safe tourism product as it allows for social distancing throughout the entire service usage.
  • Foreign visitors will be attracted by the sustainability, safety, environmental consciousness, and the opportunity to explore the beautiful places of Estonia from a completely new perspective.
Value proposition for other tourism businesses:
We collaborate with local service providers, restaurants, and accommodation establishments, offering them additional value by providing guests with reasons to extend their stay. Our marketing messages emphasize the natural and cultural offerings of the local area. Local service providers can also be found through the Suppama mobile app by instructors seeking accommodation, catering, and other options for their clients. There is also an opportunity to combine our tourism product with other contactless and/or eco-friendly tourism products.
Value proposition for Estonia as a tourism destination:
SUP activities are visually appealing, and the footage can be used to promote the beautiful landscapes and places in Estonia alongside the SUP experiences. With this new tourism product, we can promote Estonia as a country where everything is accessible through smartphones and as a sustainable tourism destination.


The success of the project is crucial for our future growth strategy, as we see the success of Estonia’s SUP rental network as the foundation for our further international success.
Fund name: “Funded within the framework of the Union’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic”
Grant amount: EUR 199,639.81