Avasta, koge ja naudi trendikat aerusurfi ehk stand up paddleboardingut (SUPi)!

Suppama on suurim mobiilne lõbusate SUP (Stand up paddling ehk aerusurf) ja veesporditegevuste pakkuja Eestis. Proovi Sina ka maailmas kõige kiiremini kasvavat vabaõhutegevust ja naudi vee peal liuglemise võrratut kogemust. Ühine Suppama üritustega, omanda uus superäge oskus ja saad kaasa palju positiivset energiat.

Miks suppamine?

In the world of engaging water activities SUP is the true winner. What makes us say this? While it's easy to learn it's suitable for everybody. The possibilities are endless. You can take your family on a gentle tour towards the sunset or you could invite your friends on a crazy SUP Polo match.

“Kõik tegevused sobivad nii algajatele kui ka edasijõudnutele. Instruktor annab vajaliku info alustamiseks.”

You can practice balance and connect with nature during a SUP Yoga class. You could also unleash yourself during an intensive SUP Fitness session. Still wondering why we say SUP is a true winner? Take a look, the full story of stand-up paddle boarding!


Since the first time we stepped on out boards we had this feeling. We couldn't describe it in words. Today, after many joyful moments we understand. SUP connects people. There are warm and honest moments. Happy and memorable moments. You can’t have a sad face and paddle, that’s very unlikely. It is our vision to share these feelings, embodied in SUP.

Kui Sa oled suppamist proovinud siis oled kindlasti avastanud ennast ka mõttelt "Heh, ma saingi hakkama! Ma võiksin seda hea meelega teha terve päeva!"

It’s our mission to spread the ideas behind SUP - connection, positive emotions, excitement and a healthy lifestyle. In this adventure we will help anybody who wishes to share the magic behind SUP. We have experience and knowledge, and will gladly share it with all who have the same passion.



Trendikad tegevused vee peal ja looduses

In our quest to share the magic of SUP we have designed a unique concept – we named it the SUP Station. A fully automated, cool looking, beach style hut that holds up to 16 SUP boards and necessary equipment. It comes with electric lockers where you can leave your belongings. These huts will be installed everywhere where there is a demand for some fun and sports. Around the whole world, at the hottest beaches and best locations. Accompanying it, there will be our professional staff, SUP lovers and followers. At your disposal, you will find instructors, guided tours, SUP yoga, SUP polo and more. You can book your session or board in advance, easy and fast by using our online booking platform. You will also have the opportunity to download our Suppama mobile app. With it you can see which SUP Stations are near you, and you can book your board in advance. If you don’t want to go with our guides, you can book the board yourself and go whenever you want. SUP Stations will be installed at a secure location, open for you, 24/7. How cool is that?

Osale SUP-üritustel

Everyone dreams to turn their hobby into a blooming career. If SUP is something that you enjoy doing, then, there are ways to combine work and play. There is a unique chance, opening to all who want to ride this uplifting trend- SUP activities are becoming more popular each day. Even if you never tried SUP, as long as you want to share good positive vibes, have fun and be with other people, you can do it. There are a lot of different SUP activities from where you could start. We got your back! Learn how to use SUP to start your own business, or learn how to better your existing one!

Kutsu meid oma üritusele

More and more people, during their free time, on vacations and holidays, want to experience. This seems obvious, but travel destinations often fail to provide what is truly exiting. They are competing over stuff they all have. The traveler of tomorrow doesn’t want to sit all day in bed, they need a fun and accessible challenge! How can this be done? SUP is for everyone! Learn more about this amazing water sport if you never heard about it.

Rendi ise

Why not take things into your own hands. To all the businesses and organizations that want to see their community have a great time: We want to share the amazing world and benefits of stand-up paddle boarding. That's the reason why we created the SUP Station. An idea that can help your mission and our mission. An idea everyone can enjoy.



Ole valmis märjaks saama!

Becoming a SUP instructor is an exciting opportunity for everyone who enjoys water activities, is good with people and wants to teach. We will show you all that you need to know to become a successful SUP instructor. This opportunity could also be the start of your new business. Learn how to teach others, buy equipment and create your own story. If you’re into fitness or yoga, then you will like our Suppama FITMAT Instructor Training courses. Learn how to hold ultimate fitness workouts on our Fitmat floating exercise mats. Show your participants how to achieve balance and rock those core muscles.


Millise SUP-laua ma peaksin valima?

One of the most common questions asked by any SUP beginner. “Which board should I use?” A question like this requires an answer backed by science. It’s going to depend upon your intentions, your body type and a few more factors. Allow us to help you choose the right board. Our products are the result of years and years of paddling experience. No matter if you’re a beginner or a pro, want to do SUP Yoga or take part in a SUP race, we can help you choose the best. That is how we created the FITMAT, the result of experience and hard work. Take a look at our products and offer.



Meie kogemused SUP tegevuste pakkujana on aidanud meil arendada mitmeid kvaliteetseid tooteid ning leida usaldusväärseid tarnijaid. Seisame oma toodete taga täie enesekindlusega, sest nende tootmisel on kasutatud kaasaegseid materjale, tootmistehnoloogiat ja kvaliteedikontrolli.

  • Sulg-kerge komposiitkate
    Teine kiht eriti vastupidavat polümeeri, mis on kinnitatud drop-stitched meetodil valmistatud tugeva keskosa ümber.
  • Masin-pressitud pehmendusmatt
    Meie libisemiskindel pehmendusmatt on masin-pressitud 170psi surve all tagamaks täiuslikku haakuvust.
  • Eriti tugev Dropstitch tehnoloogia
    Meie laudade jäikuse saladus on dropstitch tehnoloogia. See tagab tugeva ja jäiga keskosa, mis suudab taluda rõhku üle 20psi.
  • Kuumtöödeldud küljeliin
    Kõrgsurve all lamineeritud ja kuumpressitud küljelint tagab parima võimaliku õhku-pidava ja veekindla ühenduse.
  • Kahekihiline küljelint
    Viimane kiht on PVC küljelint, mis moodustab neljakihilise küljeliini ja elimineerib viimase võimalikud nõrkused.