How to go the extra mile for your guests

The hospitality industry has evolved a lot through the years. People look for hotels and resorts not just to sleep in during trips anymore. They now also value the experience the place can give them.

Thanks to more affordable plane fares, the increase of detailed travel blogs, and social media, more and more people today put travel among their list of priorities. This means the demand for a hotel or resort has greatly increased especially in popular tourist spots.

Staycations or staying in nearby recreational places have also become a thing these days. People who just want to rest and have fun but with limited time opt to get their dose of relaxation in nearby hotels or resorts.

The rise of tourism and increasing popularity of staycation are among the reasons companies in the hospitality industry should step up. There are now plenty of options for tourists and staycationers, so how do you get them to choose you over the others? What can you do to make them come back the next time around?

Here are several things you can do to make your guests feel extra special and make sure their experience with you is a memorable one and worth sharing to their friends and family.

Give them Something Free

You may already be giving them free toiletries, but so do others. Give your guests something they would not expect and they’ll surely remember you. It doesn’t have to be as grand as a jewelry or a new mobile phone, of course! Something simple as a free welcome drink or a cake will do. If you are in a popular tourist spot, you can also give something travelers love collecting like a fridge magnet or t-shirt. People love free things, and they will definitely love you for giving them one.

Make the Breakfast Available for the Whole Day

Now, most hotels already offer free breakfast for their guests. The thing is, breakfast is usually only available for a few hours in the morning. This means they have to get up early to avail their free meal. But what if your guest wants to sleep in? Or they aren’t really morning people and would rather skip eating early in the morning? Or perhaps they have an early excursion planned out and they need to leave before the buffet opens?

This would be a waste of their privilege and they might not feel that they get their money’s worth if they miss out on it. If you can make the breakfast buffet available for the whole day, you make it convenient for them to avail their free meal any time of the day at their own convenience.

Offer Fun Activities

Remember that people are no longer just expecting a bed and breakfast from you but are also expecting an experience. Offer them one that they’ll never forget and would want them to keep coming back for more.

If you have a pool or are located near the beach then offer cool water activities. You can also sign them up for a local tour in the significant places in your area. Host a unique or themed party so your guests have the chance to mingle. People love new experiences and offering them a memorable one will increase the chance of them returning to your hotel or resort.

Complimentary Passes to Attractions

Allow your guest to enjoy his or her vacation even more by providing free tickets to a popular attraction or show in your area. Make sure your guest get to experience your city or town to the fullest by gifting them with a free pass for a must-see place or show in your area.

Now, it may be too pricey to give this away to all guests but you can make some customers feel extra special when you do this. You can try gifting them to guests who you know are celebrating their birthday or anniversary or those in their honeymoon. They would definitely appreciate the gesture.

Add a Personal Touch

Personalized gifts is something that will make anyone feel special. Adding a touch of personalization to your gifts for guests will make them feel they aren’t just another customer to you, but that their visit truly matter to you.

This can be done in simple ways such as adding their name on their cake or reserving a table with their name written on the table cards. It would also be great if the staff can address the guests by names. It will make any guest feel at home.

Word of mouth is one of the best ways to get new customers but experience is what will get them to keep coming back. In this digital world which makes word of mouth not literally come from just the mouth anymore, it’s important to offer high quality service so your guests will be happy to share their stay with you to their network. Stand out from the rest and your hotel or resort will never be without a customer.