How to level up your recreation amenities

Most of the classy and popular sites offer the same amenities. They have a gym, a spa, swimming pools, tours, and other guided activities. If you want your own place among the top-rated in popular travel websites such as TripAdvisor, you can’t miss out on having these things. In this digital era, getting noticed in travel websites matter because people almost always look for reviews before ever making a booking.

Now, say you already offer this amenities. That means already gives you an equal chance of getting booked among your competitors. But being just equal to them won’t guaranty more bookings for you, you must also be able to stand out. In order to rank higher than others you have to offer more than just the usual stuff.

Offer what they don’t have. None of your competitors have a shuttle service or airport transfers? Get one! No nearby competition who have staff capable of speaking multiple languages for easy communication for foreign visitors? Hire some!

But what if you don’t have a budget for new features? Don’t fret! You can simply level up your current offerings. All you have to do is get creative! Here are some ideas to do just that.

Automate Your Recreation Facility

We live in a pretty high-tech world where you think we’ve seen just about everything. But every day we still get surprised on how technology seems to go further. Surprise your guests by bringing a twist of technology to your amenities! Go for an automated system in thing or places they won’t expect.

Have a rental station for sports gear accessible via a mobile app so that guests can take the gears at anytime without needing assistance. Skip the cashier and set up your gift shop like the new Amazon store where guests can simply take the items and they automatically get charged for whatever they took upon exiting.

An automated system, especially somewhere people don’t expect it, is bound to get heads turned and your guests will definitely remember you for it.

Set Up A Friendly Competition

Another way to make unique use of amenities you already have is to use them to set up a friendly competition among guests. Say you have a swimming pool. Just because it’s already a popular feature in itself doesn’t mean you can’t jazz things up a bit. Use your pool to hold a swimming contest or maybe a water polo competition. It’s fun and your guests will love the opportunity to mingle.

If you have a kayak rental or stand up paddle boarding station, put them to use too! Set up a race or a different kind of contest that can put these gears to use. Think outside the box and see what more of your amenities could be used to host a cheerful competition.

Offer Activities that Make Use of the Amenities

Some people may not be confident enough to enter competitions. It’s also a good idea to offer non-competitive activities to highlight your facilities to make sure you have something for everyone.

One idea could be having a regular water aerobics session on your pools. You can also offer unique activities such as stand up paddle boarding yoga or other water fitness activities. You can use your gym to hold dance classes and zumba sessions, too.

Give Rewards for Using Your Facilities

This may seem unusual because supposedly, being able to use the facilities should be the reward in itself. But giving out rewards for making use of your amenities can bring the spotlight to a feature your hotel or resort may have that isn’t getting noticed easily.

Let’s say you have a state-of-the-art equipment in your gym but not many guests are using it. You can give a reward of a free spa treatment or free dinner for guests who will use the gym for three days in a week or several consecutive days. You might get previously uninterested guests to notice that your gym is top-notch and deserves a good review. It can be a pretty good marketing strategy to highlight any offering you want to boast about.

Leveling up on your amenities doesn’t necessarily mean offering something new. It can be as simple as giving a new twist to what you already have. Get creative and you might just see a huge increase in customer satisfaction without having to spend too much on new gimmicks!