How to market your water sports business and attract a ton of new customers

There’s nothing like the beach, won’t you agree? The smell of the salty sea, the heat of the sun and the tan lines that go with it, the happy people enjoying their vacation, and many more!

The beach is a great place to start a business while living a life like every day is a vacation. Think about it. You get to swim in the sea whenever you want and you’ll never have to visit a tanning salon ever again!

But jokes aside, the beach does provide a good opportunity to make some profit. It’s full of people enjoying their vacation and likely looking for great experiences while they are at it. A water sports business would be ideal to feed their hunger for experience. If you’re a water sports enthusiast yourself, this would be a great way for you to make a living while living out your passion.

If you’ve already started or just about to start your water sports business, here are some tips to help you market your venture and have a load of new customers approach you.

Use Social Media Platforms

There’s no question the majority of the population are using at least one social media platform. Social media is a cheap and effective way to get your business out there and be noticed by your target market. With proper use of social media as a marketing tool, you can save loads of money on marketing efforts and still get the attention of a lot of potential customers.

Encourage Your Customers to Write Reviews

A good way to attract more customers is through word of mouth of your previous customers. Thanks to the internet, the words of a single customer can reach far and wide. Encourage your customers to write a review and share their experiences to others.

While some may not bother to give a review, you can always offer incentives to persuade them. It can be as simple as a discount on their next run or a free run just by showing you their review. This little investment in incentive would be worth it since these testimonials would be great for your business – provided they are good reviews, of course! So make sure you are giving each customer quality service every time.

Create Visual Content

It’s not enough to simply tell people how fun your water sport is, you’d have to show them! A lot of good reviews won’t be enough if the people can’t really see how cool your sport is. The thing, though, is that not all of your target market are in close proximity to see your other customers having fun.

Invest in good photographers and videographers who can create good visuals to show potential customers of the fun they shouldn’t miss. Post these in your social media, website, brochures, or any marketing platforms you would be using.

Highlight Your Business’ Uniqueness and Innovation

Being located on the beach will mean you would have a lot of competitors. That’s okay! Tourists will be looking for different experiences and they are bound to look around to see which sport will suit them best.

In a sea (pun intended!) of different options, you have to stand out to make sure you are noticed. Add a twist or innovation to your business to get guests to take a second look. If you’re a rental business, try automating your station. Mobile phone applications are always used these days as almost everyone has their own smartphone – try incorporating this in your business, too! Guests will surely turn their heads to your booth and will be impressed with how modern your system is.

Make sure to highlight your uniqueness in all your marketing efforts. This is what will make potential customers curious and check you out themselves.

Hold Social Media Contests

This is like an upgraded version of sharing customer reviews while also incorporating social media to get attention. Hold a contest to your previous customers to encourage them to share their experiences along with their photos and tag your business.

Remember that visuals are quite important in your line of business and the more people post their real experiences with photos, the more potential customers are likely to notice you. You can also hold contest for potential customers. Either way, the influx of posts about your business are likely to get you noticed by your target market.

Marketing your water sports business is probably more simple than you think. Remember that your market are those who are looking to have a good time and experience something unique. Make sure you give them a great customer experience even before they hit the water with your gear!

Suppama aims to provide a high customer satisfaction even before our customers reach the sea. Our automated rental stations for stand up paddle boarding activities add up to the fun of the doing the water sport. Want to partner with us? Send us a message and we would love to tell you more!