Passion and entrepreneurship: businesses you can build if you love the water


Do you just wish you can always be near the water? Have you daydreamed countless times and wished you could quit your office work and move near the beach? You can wake up from your dreams and live the life you’ve always wanted!

Entrepreneurship is the dream of a lot of people. Being your own boss, having control of your own time, doing what you really love – these are things a lot of people want to have but not everyone has the courage to chase.

There are all types of businesses you can get into that is in line with what you’re passionate about – even if your passion is water sports. Yes! You definitely have a lot of opportunities in the water sports industry!

Here are just some ideas of what businesses you can get into.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding Station

Stand up paddle boarding is one of the fastest rising water sports today and it’s a great time to ride with this trend. It makes a great business opportunity as studies show that its popularity will rise even higher in the coming years. In fact, it is predicted to grow at up to 12% until 2029. If you take advantage of this opportunity now, chances are high that your revenue will grow through the years.

Swimming School

Swimming is arguably one of the must-have skills. It’s both a recreation and survival skill after all! People of all ages want to learn how to swim so you definitely have your market. Sure, there are still a lot out there who have no interest in the sport, but you’ll find it would be quite easy to get them convince them to give the sport a try. You just have to give them the health benefits, and the survival benefits, too!

Underwater Photography

For this one you have to have passion in both the marine world and the art of photography. If you have both, wouldn’t it be a dream to make a living by doing your hobby in a place you love? Now, you might be wondering who pays someone to take pictures of fish and corals? You might be surprised to find out that among your potential customers would be your local government.

Underwater photography can boost tourism and the government will pay good money for great pictures to show off the beautiful marine life in their area so they can attract tourists. Publications such as magazine, newspapers, and even educational websites would also pay top dollar for good images. Even scientists and marine biologists seek the help of underwater photographers.

Yacht Rental

It’s probably going to cost quite an investment to start, but how does sailing all day while earning sound to you? A yacht ride is a great experience not most people can get on a regular basis. That’s why yacht rentals are popular in tourist areas. Since it’s not always available to them, people will opt for the experience once the opportunity presents itself. Of course, you have to be strategic on where you’re going to put up this type of business.

People won’t ride a yacht just anywhere, it won’t be a unique experience then. They would go for it if it’s in a popular tourist spot with plenty of view. One other thing that would encourage them is if you offer another unique experience, like maybe a romantic wine dinner, while they sail.

Water Sports One-Stop-Shop

Now, you don’t really have to be in the water to make a living out of your passion for it. If you’re into a lot of water sports such as diving, snorkeling, paddle boarding, kayaking, and the like, then why not use your knowledge of all those sports and put up a shop for the needs of all those activities?

People will buy from a salesman who really knows his stuff. Your love for the sports will show in how much you know your products and how confidently you can explain them to customers. When people see your confidence, they are bound to trust you and buy from you. So yeah, you don’t have to be on the beach to show how much you love it.

It’s intimidating to leap into entrepreneurship but it’s definitely rewarding. Think about living your life around your passion while not worrying about being able to afford your needs and wants. Isn’t that kind of life worth working for?

You don’t have to take a leap immediately. You can work on your transition step-by-step and before you know it, you’re living the dream life!

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