Pool exercise activities: why you should offer it and why your guests will love it

Having a swimming pool is pretty much a requirement if you want to be among the most coveted lodging place for travelers. Swimming in pools is a relaxing activity and you can bet that people looking to chill are going to want to take a dip.

A lot of hotels and resorts have made a lot of unique efforts to make swimming in pools a memorable experience for their guests. Some put their pool on top of a skyscraper with an amazing view of the city’s skyline. Other high-end hotels put their pools on top of the building and make the sides and bottom transparent for a good view of what’s below them. There are also wave pools, heated pools, and other strategies to make swimming quite an experience for tourists.

Thinking of a gimmick to make your swimming pool a more special amenity for your guests without spending a fortune? Why not try to offer pool exercise activities?

Here are reasons you should consider it and why your guests will love it.

It Can Attract Non-Tourists to Visit Your Hotel or Resort

Your locals might be taking your presence in your area for granted. Marketing your place for people in your circle can be just a difficult – if not even more, for people who live nearby.

So why not make yourself more than just a staycation venue for them but also an alternate to their gym or yoga studio? People spend time and money for fitness but what they really spend on is the motivation to actually get to it. Offering your water fitness activities similar to that of a gym membership will give them a run for their money as their motivation would be having fun in the water while keeping a fit lifestyle. Sounds pretty good for both you and your customers don’t you think?

It’s a Rising Trend and a Good Business Opportunity

Stand up paddle boarding is among the fastest growing water sports today. But you don’t really have to be situated near the beach to be able to take advantage of it as a business opportunity.

You can offer stand up paddle boarding in your hotel or resort by having it in your swimming pool! You can offer several activities using a fitmat board such as modified water aerobics, yoga, and other creative water fitness activities you can come up with. Just make sure you consult with an expert as you come up with your own exercises to ensure your guests are maximizing the benefits.

It Brings People Together

Think of it like having a club. Offering a group fitness activity will bring people with similar goals and interests together. Whether they are tourists or locals, your water fitness sessions will allow people to meet others who are as adventurous, fit, or fun-loving as they are.

They can build support groups to motivate each other to stay fit. Newbies can also find support from those who joined in earlier. If tourists and locals join the same session, they can exchange insights about their base cities or countries. It’s always fun to meet new people, and offering guests a unique avenue where they can mingle will always be appreciated.

It Burns a Lot of Calories While Having Fun and Not Sweating Out

All those strength and cardio workouts will definitely work up those calories. And what do you say to burning calories with a mix of fun?

Water activities are usually regarded as playful and fun. Your guests would love a fun exercise and would probably not notice how much time they’ve spent exercising. Another plus to water fitness? Totally sweat-free! One thing some people probably don’t appreciate about going to the gym is the sticky, sweaty feeling they get afterwards. Not to mention being surrounded by the people who feel the same way. Exercising in water will make them feel fresh even after a rigorous session.

It Improves Flexibility and Balance

Water fitness would require movement of the whole body in several directions while dealing with water resistance. Exercising atop a stand up paddle board will require and improve one’s ability to balance.

Exercising in the water can give several benefits similar to yoga. You can even offer a unique experience and offer a water yoga activity. Of course, the benefits are not 100% the same, but it will be offering a traditional exercise with a new twist.

It’s a Cooling Exercise Which Makes it Ideal in the Summer

Summer is probably a time when a lot of people feel demotivated to get to the gym or do some exercise. They already feel sweaty and warm because of the weather and strenuous exercises will make them feel even sweatier and stickier.

But since water fitness is done in the water, people would love the opportunity to take a dip and escape the scorching sun. Plus, they get to be consistent with their fitness routines as they cool off.

Offering water fitness activities in your swimming pool provides a lot of benefits for you and your guests. Make sure you or your staff gets proper training to become a guide to make it a fun and safe experience for everyone.

Also ensure that you are using quality equipment for a better experience for you and your guests. Suppama Fitmats are designed to withstand constant use through the years which makes them ideal for commercial use.

Suppama also offers trainings for indoor stand up paddle boarding activities. A simple online training can help guide you be a better guide for your guests.

Want to start offering water fitness activities in your hotel or resort? Talk to us and we can help you out!