Mega SUP tours Pirita

Monthly payment from 7,58 / 18 months

120,00 75 minutes

Love Nature?

Come and discover the scenic beauty of Pirita River with our giant 5-meter Suppama Müraka, which is designed dynamically for up to 8 people. SUP-Mürakas is a fun and sporty way to spend time with your friends and colleagues. It is a great way to practice teamwork.😉

The price includes: hiking guide, initial training, SUP-Müraka, oars and vests.


Event info:

Suppama SUP-Mürakas is a fun way to let off the stream and practic teamwork with fun. It is possible to paddle on the Pirita River and, in fine weather, also between the pier to enjoy a beautiful sunset or to surf the boat.

NB! SUP-Mürakas tour can be booked with a picnic basket for up to 8 people. The picnic basket is not included and must be booked 4 working days in advance. See the contents of the basket below:
1. Fruit platter: seasonable fruit
2. Wraps: cold smoked salmon fillet and chicken
3. Cheese platter with crackers
4. Refreshing summer bubble or water/juice

The SUP trip starts at the Pirita Health Sports House (Pirita Velodrome) by the river. Please arrive 15 minutes in advance.

On site, we will hand over the equipment to the participants, carry out the initial training and send you with your Müraka to the Pirita River for an hour and a half.

You can buy a ticket from our online store by selecting the appropriate date and time, and checkout via bank links.

Clothing: We recommend wearing weather-appropriate sportswear. You can also bring a pair of clothes if you have an intentional / unintentional desire to take a swim.

Feel free to ask us for a Müraka trip / competition at other times and on other river bodies, or rent Müraka for your company for a day or even for a weekend.

If you want to gift this hike to your partner, then our gift card is a good fit:

Suppama Gift Card

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach us at: info@suppama.com or Call: 58580905

* In emergency conditions, we also pay significant attention to the safety of our passengers. Therefore, we call on all participants in the hikes to exercise reasonable care and avoid close contact to ensure their own safety and the safety of others. Instead of using rental ties, we recommend simply dressing in comfortable, weather-appropriate sportswear. If you wish, ask our tour guide for disinfectants. We do not offer or provide gloves or masks. Let’s hook up with our SUP Board this summer enthusiastically and full of sporty spirit!