The future is now: innovations in the hospitality industry

Unless you have been hiding under a rock for the past decade, you would know that the world has changed rapidly over the years thanks to technological advancements.

The way business was done years ago has evolved – and the hospitality industry is no exception. Several innovations are reshaping the way things are done for hotels, resorts, and the other businesses in the industry.

In order to keep any business running, you must keep pace with the changes that are happening. A lot of big brands have said their goodbyes because they were unable to keep up with the times. We have to stop blaming millennials and technology for the industries that are fading. We just need to keep things fresh and make the effort to always stay in trend and be relevant

Here are several innovations happening in the hospitality industry that you need to know.

Easy Booking and Check-In

Almost every traveler books their flight and accommodation via apps or websites. If your hotel or resort is not yet listed on any booking site or if you don’t offer web bookings, you seriously have to do something about it now!

Being able to book online either through a third-party app or the company website itself assures the traveler that they have a place to stay in their destination. Seriously, just being accessible through phone calls or text won’t do! People look at the pictures and reviews before deciding on where to book. If you’re not visible online, you’re practically invisible to around 90% of potential customers!

This innovation can also be seen in airline companies. Bookings and even check-ins can easily be done through a smartphone app. Once the passenger checks-in through the app, all he or she has to do is drop his or her bags at the counter and s/he is ready to go!

WiFi Access in Every Room

Now, this should actually be pretty basic right now. Internet is pretty much needed to stay connected and get around and this is something foreign tourists would definitely need. People don’t go to their hotel rooms to just get some sleep or watch TV. They relax, sure, but it is also when they are in their rooms that they get in touch with people from home. And internet access is what makes that easy for them.

Plus, with the rise of online outsourcing, a lot of travelers are also looking to have some work done while they travel. There’s no question that a WiFi is pretty much a staple need for accommodations.

Service Outsourcing

One important thing technology has done is close gaps between geographical borders. You can now communicate efficiently with other people across the globe without having to wait for weeks, or even months for your snail mail.

With that, it has also become possible to work with people across the globe. Sure, the hospitality industry needs most of its staff on deck, but there are certainly jobs that can be outsourced so that not everyone has to be in the same location.

Accounting is one example. Someone can handle the company’s accounting without having to be physically in the establishment. Customer service representatives who take calls for suggestions and complaints do not also have to necessarily be placed in one office. This outsourcing of services allows the establishment to free up more space for other more important things.

Universal Remote

When we say universal remote, it doesn’t have to pertain to just that one remote for the TV set and the DVR! Nowadays, it’s possible to control the television, temperature, lights, and other room amenities with a tablet provided in every room. These tablets can even allow guests to browse food options and order food service.

Right now, virtual assistants are becoming huge and it’s only a matter of time before Siri or Alexa takes over hotel rooms and be the guests’ personal assistant.

Self-Service Through Automation

Some establishments allow guests to serve themselves through a mobile app. With smartphones available to pretty much everybody, guests can do several things themselves without needing the assistance of a concierge or front desk personnel.

They can easily find their way around the property through a map which can also specifically point out where they currently are. They can book their own spa session or schedule for a taxi pick-up. This innovation allows guests to be a little more independent yet have amenities still be easily accessible to them.

The hospitality industry has changed in a lot ways over the past years. It’s not surprising that it will continue to evolve in the near future. Technology has been reshaping a lot of industries and the hospitality industry is no stranger to these changes. Be sure to keep up so you can keep your business running smoothly.

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