Top water recreation activities you should offer in your beach resort or swimming pool

In order to be a high-ranking hotel or resort, you need to offer your guests a lot more than just a spic and span room and clean sheets and towels everyday. You can offer even the most expensive toiletries but that still wouldn’t be enough to make your guests truly enjoy their stay with you.

Staying in hotels and resorts have become more than just sleeping and eating. You can offer the fanciest rooms and a large selection of food in the buffet but that won’t make you among the best. You see, travellers today consider the overall experience when choosing their lodging.

That’s why a lot of the top hotels offer a lot of amenities for their guests. Some have a gym for their guests who don’t want to miss a workout even when on vacation. Others offer a relaxing spa treatment which customers undoubtedly love. There are even those who have business centres for guests who are staying for a business trip or are on-call even when on vacation.

If you happen to be a beach-side hotel or resort or have a swimming pool, it would be a shame not to put the water to use! Here are popular water recreation activities you can offer.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

This activity is the fastest growing water sport in the world today! Whether you are on the beach side or not, it’s totally possible to offer this activity as long as you have a swimming pool. There are a lot of guided stand up paddle boarding activities that can cater to different personalities and your guests are bound to find one that suits them. Those who love being in touch with nature can paddle outside and watch the sky and even the sunset and enjoy the view of the shore. Those who are more timid can enjoy stand up paddle boarding yoga or fitness training.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding is a newbie-friendly activity. It’s a low impact exercise and most people can be trained to do it easily. While rental stations can work, it’s advisable to go beyond that and offer guides who can help them on their first time. People are usually reluctant to try something new, and while they may get excited over the sport, they may be intimidated to try it out on their own. This sport is a rising trend it that you should definitely offer if you don’t want to be left behind.


If you are situated near the beach with a rich marine life, you should definitely offer a snorkeling tour to your guests. Provide life vests and snorkeling gears and let your customers enjoy the view of the amazing sea life. Snorkeling is a great activity for everyone because it is definitely less complicated than diving but will still allow people to see aquatic life in action. It’s even a welcoming activity for non-swimmers since they can enjoy the water with a life vest as their safety net. Just make sure there are always lifeguards on duty to make sure everyone is safe while having fun.


Kayaking is among the fastest growing water activities today. Professionals kayak through rapids and white water, but you don’t need to offer that kind of adventure to guests! Recreational kayaking can be paddling through the calm waters and while enjoying the view. It’s relaxing and a good way to bond among friends, family, or couples. Encourage your guests to rent a kayak just before sunset so they can have a great view of the sun touching the ocean.

Water Polo

Who says all the water fun has to be done outside and in the ocean? Your guests can have as much fun in your indoor pool as well! Install the nets and provide other equipment and safety gears needed for your guests to play water polo. It’s a great and fun game which will allow families or group of friends to enjoy all together. Again, have a lifeguard on duty to make sure everyone is safe and is having a good and clean fun.

Water Aerobics

This simple and fun water exercise will be enjoyed by everybody – yes, everybody – including kids and senior citizens. This activity is done by performing simple aerobic exercises in shallow water. The chances of injury in the muscles and joints are a lot less because it’s done in the water which makes it a friendly activity for the elderly. Guests will most likely not notice how much workout they’ve done because they won’t be feeling the heat and the sweat. It offers a lot of benefits physically and is simple enough that even non-swimmers can participate in it.


Parasailing is a popular activity offered by tour organizations or hotels worldwide. Guests love it because there’s a bit of thrill involved but once they are up there, they find the feeling and the view worth it. Offer it in your resort and you might find the activity almost always fully-booked.


Here’s something for the guest who wants to enjoy the water but would rather not get wet. Schedule a sailing trip so your customers can enjoy a relaxing trip in the ocean. There are times during vacation when a traveler just wants to have some nice view or a relaxing activity without putting to much physical effort. Sailing is just the answer to ocean lovers who wants to enjoy the day without being tired.

Are you offering any of these activities yet? Consider adding them to your hotel or resort’s activities or amenities and see how much happier your guests will be!