Why you should offer stand up paddle boarding activities in your indoor or outdoor pool

It’s not a secret that you need to be in tune with the latest trends in order to keep your business alive and growing. Stand up paddle boarding is taking over the world and you definitely don’t want to be left out. How would it look for your business if your competitors have innovated and yet you took a pass at the opportunity?

On the other hand, what would happen if you are among the first in your area to offer this kind of recreation? You would definitely be a popular go-to place and you’d have bigger chances of getting repeat customers. Because if they already tried it in your place and had fun, why would they go elsewhere for the same activity, right?


It is a Unique Experience for Your Guests

A lot of hotels already offer gym or yoga sessions as part of their amenities. Here is your chance to stand out! What if you take the benefits of these typical fitness amenities and bring them in the water? That spells new, unique, and creative!

People are usually playful in the water and are less likely to think of the sessions as a difficult workout and more of a fun water activity. They probably won’t notice how long the session has been going on and not to mention how many calories they’ve burned!

It Allows Opportunity to Mingle

People love it when the hotel or resort they are staying at host parties. It’s not just the good food and music they like, it’s also the opportunity to get to know new people. Some are there to gain new networks for business while some simply want to make new friends.

Holding an active recreation activity is also a good way to get your guests to mingle with one another. A lot of people make friends in gyms or social clubs and they’re definitely going to make friends in water fitness sessions, too. Plus, the people in the sessions are bound to get closer because they already share something in common – the love of water, fitness, and adventure!

It Can Attract Even the Locals

Just because you’re a hotel doesn’t mean you need to attract the attention of only tourists. Why not think outside the box – yet in a closer circle, and market to your locals too?

People sign up in a gym accessible to them. There are those who enroll in yoga studios near their work or home. If you are accessible to a lot of residents, why not offer them something as well? Market your water fitness activities and you might just encourage people to get more exercise. It’s fun and it doesn’t sound like hard work and we bet you’ll have a lot of sign ups. Offer memberships and perks and see how many repeat customers you get. That’s additional revenue without even having to offer them a room!

Make Sure to Use the Suppama Fitmat for Your Indoor Stand Up Paddle Boarding Activities

There are minimal resources you need to get your water fitness program started. A large pool enough to accommodate your participants is of course the first requirement. The two other important things you need are the trainer and the fitmat boards.

You need to choose a board that’s sturdy and can withstand constant use. The Suppama Fitmat is designed to do just that. It’s built with the same technology Olympic gymnasts train on and you can’t go wrong with the quality.

It’s highly durable and stable and any body types can maintain their balance on the board. It can carry up to 120kg without toppling over. It’s inflatable so you can easily deflate it and store it when not in use and inflate it back again in just minutes when it’s almost time for the session.

You can even sell this to your customers so they can take their love of water fitness anywhere they travel!

Want to Be an Instructor?

Another important requirement to start setting up your water fitness activities is a qualified instructor. The instructor should make each sessions fun and enjoyable, and most importantly, must know the most efficient moves for the participants to get the most health benefits in each sessions. He or she must be familiar with the Fitmats and how to use them in the water. Instructors must also know basic first aid.

Suppama currently offers a training course to be a Suppama Yoga Instructor and an online course to be certified as a Suppama HIIT trainer. You or your staff can sign up and start guiding the sessions once the course is completed.

What are you waiting for? Don’t get left behind and enter the world of stand up paddle boarding fitness today!