Monthly payment from 6,80 / 6 months

40,00 3 hours

Have you ever thought that how nice and exciting it would be to visit the enchanting river early in the morning and enjoy the peace, chirping of the birds and the rays of the rising sun on your face?

Now it’s the time – come with us for a swamp trip with SUP and try SUP Yoga.

The price includes basic SUP training, a guide, a board, a paddle and a vest.



The trip starts at 6.00 in the parking lot of Noku campfire site. We will distribute SUP boards to all participants, which are then stuffed in special comfortable backpacks and carried by each participant. We will hike 1.2 km to Lake Kakerdi, where we will pump up our boards full, swim and yoga. After the hike we will have the refreshments, we will be carrying with us and relax for sometime.

Then we move back to the starting point and finish the first hike at approximately 9.00.
With late risers, we start with a new hike at 9.30 and end at approximately 12.30 in the parking lot.

Please be there 30 minutes before the start of the hike. By car from Tallinn you can reach the Noku campfire site in about 1 hour.

We request you to bring your own snacks & refreshment drinks in case you would like to relax a bit in the middle of the trip.

You can buy a ticket from our online store by selecting the appropriate date and time, and checkout via bank links.

Clothing: Wear weather-appropriate sportswear. You can also bring a pair of clothes, if there is an intentional / unintentional desire to swim in the water during the trip.

If the time or date does not seem suitable to you, but you have at least a group of 10 people, write to us and we will arrange a trip at a time that suits you.

If you want to gift this hike to your partner, then our gift card is a good fit:

Suppama Gift Card

If you have any questions, feel free to write us on: info@suppama.com or call: 58580905

* In emergency conditions, we also pay significant attention to the safety of our passengers. Therefore, we call on all participants in the hikes to exercise reasonable care and avoid close contact to ensure their own safety and the safety of others. Instead of using rental ties, we recommend simply dressing in comfortable, weather-appropriate sportswear. If you wish, ask our tour guide for disinfectants. We do not offer or require gloves or masks. Let’s go to the summer enthusiastically and full of sporty spirit!